Thursday, February 28, 2008

"No really, the kitchen is on fire..."

Sunday night.  The roomies and I are home hanging out.  D has decided to play a game.  

D: "Hey you wanna play Clue?"

Me:  "Yeah sure."

M: (from the kitchen) "The kitchen is on fire.  No really, it's on fire."

I head over there to analyze the situation.  Sure enough, there are flames shooting out from under the burner.  I grab a wet towel and start beating it.

M: "Do we have a fire extinguisher??"

Me :"I would assume so. Get the extinguisher!"

D is actually together and runs outside to get the extinguisher.  At this point, both alarms have gone off, the dogs are stressed out, and Zeke is barooing in the hallway.  I take the extinguisher from D and rip the pin out, ready to open it up on the stove.  I realize that it's dying down, delay for a second, and blow out the last little flicker of fire.

The alarms have not stopped.  D pulls the first one off the ceiling and rips out the battery, silencing it.  The other one has not shut up, and none of us can get it off the ceiling.  Finally, someone manages to get it down and silence it.  

Suddenly it's quiet.  The window has been opened to rid the apartment of smoke and the smell of burning cookware.

M: "Now that's teamwork girls."

Then we played Clue.

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saga said...

On Thanksgiving I was at a friend's house and the over had a fire in it. I was the only guy so it was designated that I should put it out. Hence, I called my mother haha. Needless to say it went out on it's own and only a couple things ended up tasting like smoke.