Friday, May 9, 2008

Things Franklinites like.

In the tradition of Stuff White People Like and Stuff Christians Like, I have decided to compile a list of stuff people in Franklin like.  Because it seems that no matter how many houses I go to, there are a ton of things that I can pretty much count on.  Feel free to add to this list:

1. Two refrigerators.  Everyone feels the need to not only have a huge side-by-side in their kitchen, but since that cannot possibly hold the amount of food an average family or 4 can eat, they have to put one in the garage or sunroom.

2. Organic everything.  I forreal just ate some organic fruit snacks with little Jack.

3. Sonic.  I think there's one just about every 100 feet.

4. Hanging their kids names on the walls in their bedrooms.  Nearly every child's bedroom has "E L L A" or "A U S T I N" hung in bright letters.

5. Naming their kids Ella, Austin, or any name that should really be a last name (i.e. Brady, Jackson, Walker, Parker, etc).

6. Having TVs everywhere.  I think the average Franklin household has about 19.7 televisions in their home.  We're talking bathrooms, sunrooms, etc.  I was startled to find one in a kitchen cabinet last week.

7. The rustic barn star. It's everywhere.  Above fireplaces, in stairwells... anywhere there is blank wall space to be filled.

8. Super complicated cable/TV/DVD set-ups.  The universal remote helps nothing.  At all.  I can count on screwing up everything when I play DVDs.  Pretty much every time.

9. Brick homes.  Just about every house is brick.  With hardwood floors.

10. Bibles.  And random religious children's books.  This includes Veggietales and any fairy-tale style Bible storybook.  I went to a house yesterday and didn't notice any, and was strangle unnerved.  Although that could have something to do with an abundance of African tribal masks lining the walls.

11. Stopping completely before they turn.

12. Going to church.  There are roughly 46781246 churches in this town.  And they all get out at the same time.  Do not try to have lunch in downtown Franklin.  Unless you are a heathen and go to the Irish pub we go to every week. Then you're golden.

This will most likely be a work in progress. :-)

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