Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm A Murderer.

I killed a squirrel today on my way back to the office. Generally they're fast enough to get out of the way. This one was just as fast... just a little dumber as it scurried out directly into my tire.

The only time I've killed another animal was when I was driving home from Alabama over the Nickajack Dam and I hit a muskrat. And true to form, I definitely made a spectacle of it. I didn't just hit it and leave it on the road. Oh no. Apparently it caught on my back tire and got airborne. I looked back through my rear view and see a muskrat spinning through the air behind me. I didn't see any subsequent accidents indicating that it landed on a windshield, so my assumption is that it landed a) on the side of the road where road kill belongs, or b) over the side of the bridge in the water somewhere.

This squirrel, however, is smashed in the alley. And I will be forced to stare at it every day. That's what I get for being a murderer, I suppose.


Rick said...

You are my hero. Please come by my house and do your thing. We have plenty to choose from.

Lucy said...

Ew, you murderer!! I better stay out of your way when you're driving..