Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So I got an anonymous message from someone yesterday (I don't know who...) but it said this:

"There are more beautiful things about you than you think, you rarely give yourself enough credit. You should also wait quite a few more years before growing cynical. Permit yourself to regard the world with wonder now and again."

It made me think a lot. At first, it made me a little angry - because, naturally, I skip over the wonderful compliment and get defensive. Maybe because on some level I'm afraid of being cynical, and I hate that about me. It's so easy to let my hectic, stressful life take over and forget to enjoy things like taking my dog for walks, watching movies with friends, cooking dinners (which I've actually just realized that I haven't done since I got back to Tennessee...), and of course, watching Lifetime before work in the morning.

Most people I know are in similar situations with school, work, and general life. Personally, I work 45+ hours a week and go to school full time. That leaves about 0 hours in a week for anything else. It's not an excuse. Recognizing what makes you happy throughout the course of a day is not time consuming. Because there is always something there that will make you smile - whether it's bumping into someone you haven't seen in a while, taking 5 minutes to call someone you know will be glad to hear from you, or just appreciating that you get to come home to an apartment full of good friends, eat cake and watch a movie in your pajamas... (I said last night when I walked in, going to my place is like coming home to a party every time I walk through the door! And I love it.)

Thank you, whoever you are, for reminding me that seeing God's wonder is not always a matter of making time - it's a matter of paying attention.

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