Monday, July 7, 2008

Zeb - as in Zebulon.

So I went to a wedding this weekend in Nashville, NC. Ironic, I know. So the night begins with a torrential storm. Sideways rain. Leaves and sticks blowing across the highway. Suzanne's car blowing across the highway, etc.

This was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, mind you. But aside from a flock of geese landing during the lighting of the unity candle, it went off well. Amazingly, the rain held out until 5 minutes after the ceremony, and we were all indoors for the reception. So we do the dances and eat the food, eat some cake.

Then it's time for the bouquet toss. A group of about 8 of us get up front and Ashley tosses the bouquet. All the bridesmaids stand still. Apparently the plan was that all the bridesmaids were going to step back and let Becca get it. Well, Becca didn't go for it either. So... I did... and got it. Then it's time for the garter toss.

The most awkward guy up there is a shaggy blonde guy named Zeb. So Zeb, of course, catches the garter. Suzanne goes "You know, I've been to some weddings where the guys that catches the garter has to put it on the girl that catches the bouquet..."

Before I could say that I was glad that wasn't happening, the DJ calls my name into the mic. Zeb and I head up to the dance floor and I get seated in the chair so Zeb can put the garter on me. It may have been one of the most awkward moments ever. I'm sitting in the chair in front of all these people - keep in mind I know like, 3 people in the room - and Zeb kneels in front of me and slides the garter up over my knee. Good thing I shaved, or it could have been even more awkward. 

We exchanged an embarrassed introduction and side hug... then called it a night. 



Mariah said...
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Mariah said...

I've caught a few bouquets. Once I got tackled for one. Be careful with that bouquet stuff. Some people take it pretty seriously.

Oh, and it's pretty sad that we probably don't have many Zebs up here. Zeb is a pretty fabulous name. You should be very honored you got gartered by Zeb.