Thursday, April 3, 2008

All for cheap beer...

So this morning was hectic.  I was up early, doing school work.  I get to my babysitting gig late, and on the way in to the office stop to have lunch with a friend.  My boss calls me and asks when I'll be back to cover the office.  I was like, since when is that an issue?  We have machines for a reason.  But I got there as soon as I could.  

So I'm sitting at my desk, the phone's ringing off the hook, and one of them is from boss man's girlfriend.

"How's the office?"

"Um, fine."

"Really?  It was broken in to."

Um, huh?  I had no idea.  I did a quick scan of the office - all expensive stuff, i.e. the recording equipment, computers, CD drives, phones, and instruments are in place.  Thom shows me the door - clearly jimmied.  The dead bolt had been ripped out.  Explains why we needed someone at the office.

Their prize?

3 cans of Milwaukee's Best and a Dell laptop from 1987.

Seriously?  Why go to the trouble of breaking and entering for 3 cans of cheap beer and a useless laptop?  I could think of so many other things to do with my time.  Even as a homeless person.  If you're going to break into an office full of expensive equipment, make it count.  

I freakin' love music row.  It reminds me of last summer.  I was in a meeting toward the back of the building and didn't hear someone enter through the main entrance.  My boss finally heard something and we walk back to my office.  A homeless guy is standing in front of my desk.  

Homeless Guy: "Can I sweep your parking lot?"
Boss man: "Well, we have someone that takes care of that.  Thanks, I think you'd better go."
Homeless Guy: "Come on man, can I rake the yard?"
Boss man: "No, we're good thank you."
Homeless guy: "Can I get a drink of water at least?"
Boss man: "Sure."  

We gave him some water and sent him on his way, only to find out later that he'd stolen a couple hundred dollars cash out of my purse (I was a waitress at the time... and carried a ridiculous amount of cash on me.  I learned quick.)

Yeah, I work in the ghetto.

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Anna M. said...

The Crawford Office used to get 'em all the time. I got a man who knew the ENTIRE Gospel of Mark, and recited it to me. THen he just asked straight up for money. I gave him a Sprite instead.