Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CMT Moments...

What a weird night. I was posted outside of the Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus dressing rooms. Which basically meant that I held up the wall in hallway and pointed people in the right directions, and got Miley and Billy Ray and their entourage anything they needed. Some highlights from my night:

* Running into Snoop Dogg when I got there. Quite literally. It was terrifying.

* Turning a corner to see Miley screaming and running at me with her arms up over her head.

* Watching 3 guys carry Paula Abdul down the hall, while a girl walked in front of them, pointing out anything she could trip over... it was strange.

* Naomi Judd telling Taylor Swift to "keep her head on straight"... um... okay.

* Miley's grandma asking us who EVERYONE was...

* Miley's AGENT asking us who everyone was... including Naomi... I was like um, look at that freaking hair she's a Judd. Isn't it his job to know this stuff?

* Being in the same room as Reba. Period.

* Emily West making Kenny Chesney talk to her mom on the phone. I love her, but did anyone else think she maybe looked a little bit like a drag queen tonight? Holy green eyeliner. But you should still go listen to her stuff on myspace, she's incredible.

* Running over to Belmont's cafeteria to make Miley a sandwich because she wouldn't eat any of the catering in the green room. And no one had time to go to Subway.

* Sugarland, Little Big Town, and Jake Owen performing Life In A Northern Town. Don't know how it sounded on TV, but it sounded amazing live.

* Taylor Swift doing a barefoot victory dance all the way down the hall after winning. She was so freaking spastic. But pretty cute, I suppose.

* LeAnn Rimes reprising Nothin' Better To Do after they got off stage while she and her dancers all bounced down the hall. She's gorgeous. And this song is amazing.


* Kenny Chesney touching my shoulder and smiling at me, and me not recognizing him. Awkward moment.

* Faith Hill being a total sweetheart? What?

* Pillaging dressing rooms after everyone left.

* Miley walking out of her dressing room with her shirt pulled up asking for salt water to clean her infected belly button piercing...

That's all I got. I'm tired.


* Hearing one of Snoop Dogg's guys say that Paula Abdul USED to be hot when she had the cartoon cat with her... haha! She didn't look bad... at least I didn't think so.  What do we think?

* Nicole Kidman is flawless. And her husband isn't so bad either.

* Sara Evans needed more dress and less black hair... holy hooker.

* Tom Arnold looks seriously old.

* Kimberly from Little Big Town is a dollface.


Anonymous said...

hey.. are you making that stuff up about 3 guys carrying Paula?? or did they really?? why?

Allyssa said...

Nope totally didn't make it up... not entirely sure why. there were several rumors floating around... maybe she couldn't walk in her shoes? ;-)

Lucy said...

I am totally jealous of you, allyssa! I guess you're used to it though..