Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I was browsing this blog and stumbled across this video. It was produced by Wayout TV, which is a Damon Wayans project. I'm not gonna post the video because it literally made me sick to my stomach, but here's a quick summary. A guy finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. She's unsure of what to do. He tells her he's ecstatic, and she starts to get excited and says she's going to call her mom and all her friends, etc. Guy gets off the phone and calls "Abortion Man", who flies over to this girl and beats her until what we are to believe is a bloody fetus flies across the screen.  Enter Guy, who says "Thanks Abortion Man, you saved my life".

It's done in the style of a Mad TV or SNL sketch. I'm absolutely horrified on so many levels.  Does someone out there really think that's funny? What would possess someone to be a part of producing that?  I'm completely stunned that something like this can be passed off as funny.  

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Lucy said...

some people can be so sick!