Friday, April 4, 2008

Wait, have you done this before?

So there are some circumstances when you really just don't want a person who is in training to be involved.  For example, someone in a position to handle my money.  Or a lawyer, were I ever to be accused of murder.  Or a surgeon, were I ever to need major surgery.  That would be bad too.  

This same principle applies to anyone in a position to draw blood from me.  I donate pretty regularly, and have for years.  Now, granted, I'm not the easiest person to draw blood from.  I generally give people who draw my blood a heads up.  I'm not entirely sure why.  It's a pretty safe bet that they'll figure it out soon enough (I always imagine them thinking "oh really? I can't even SEE your veins without beating on your arm and tying it off with a rubber band... do you even HAVE veins?..."), but I feel compelled to share this bit of information every single time I donate.  My first clue should have been when she responded to this statement by shaking her head and saying "Woo, girl, don't do this to me..."  I probably should have been like, can I have that one? Anyone else?  Here, I'll do it myself, hand me the iodine.  Instead I laid there calmly and drank my orange juice, waiting.

She begins by nearly bathing me in iodine and betadine.  My arm now looks like it belongs on Lindsay Lohan.  After a few unsuccessful attempts to stick me, she declares rather loudly that I'm a slow one.  I apologized, because apparently I had some sort of control over it.  The neighboring nurse (I guess they're nurses? Not sure...) comes over and looks at my arm.  She decides that the problem is that the needle was not in far enough, and proceeds to push said needle further into my arm.  

I resisted the urge to punch her (mainly because I was afraid I'd knock out the needle and be subjected to a "re-do" of sorts...), chewing angrily on the straw in my orange juice. But... I survived it, didn't pass out, and rather enjoyed the excuse to have a cookie and sit for a few minutes.  And be late for class.

I am NOT, however, enjoying these track mark looking bruises on my arms and the depleted muscle capacity in my right arm (it's been FIVE DAYS)... definitely gonna be a chore hauling babies tonight.  


voice4thesquare said...

Allyssa...I almost passed out reading this. AHHH!!!! Smiles :) Love ya, and when are ya comin' back to us?

Allyssa said...

May! I'm beaching it in May... definitely. I'm back for good in August!!

voice4thesquare said...

Sweet!!! The beach will be fun...definitely catch up in August. Take care.