Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Taxman Cometh. Or H&R Block Cometh.

I don't know how to do taxes. Therefore, I just... don't. This year the economic stimulus motivated me. I was pumped. I was gonna do it early.

Alas, two employers couldn't get it together. They didn't get me all my 1009's and w2's until the end of March. I picked up the last one after I got back from Easter. Highly illegal, but I digress.

PS - 1099's are the devil. That money is NOT TAX FREE. What. the. heck.

I was too busy being a rock star this week to get around to it. April 15th rolls around. I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Taxes? What? I'll file an extension. I don't know how to do them. I lost a W2 that I'd spent 4 months chasing down. 

9:45 am: Walk outside to look for lost W2 in the car... it's right on the seat. No more excuses.

10 am: Should be leaving for work. Sit down and start to look at my different procrastination options.  File an extension. Do it when I get home from work? No, I'm useless at night. Crap. Let's get started. 

10:30 am: Go to H&R Block online. Enter in my name. Quit. Go to work.

10:40 am: Hear about a rapid extension service at the Ryman. Seriously contemplate going there and letting them file an extension for me.

11 am: Get to work. Feel guilty. Start messing around with H&R Block online. Enter my social security number. Quit. Check messages and make a couple phone calls.

11:30 am: Enter in a few numbers. Get $.37 back. But wait, I'm eligible for what? a $930 credit for being an independent student? Yes please. 

12 pm: Celebrate my victory. I fought the tax gods and won. 

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Lucy said...

Good for you. I got $90 back from taxes.. feelin' good..?