Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Installments: Episode 2

1. I'm working the CMT awards on Monday.  It's gonna be a long day and I really couldn't care less about most of it... except I really hope I get a chance to meet Miley Cyrus.  Is that strange?  I don't care, I kinda wanna be Hanna Montana when I grow up. I will totally geek out and try and get a picture.  Don't doubt me.

2. I will never understand why they have to teach me calculus.  Ever.  Nothing any teacher or anyone else can say will ever help me rationalize why I need to understand the quadratic method or derivatives or why I need to be able to find the slope of a tangent line.  Really, I cannot even get past the whole multiplying letters thing.  This is a huge amount of unnecessary stress for me.

3. My dog is jealous of my computer.  3 times last night I was sitting on my couch writing, and he would charge across the room, stare at me and whine for a second, then proceed to pounce on the top of my computer and slam it shut.  He was very deliberate about his intentions - and he achieved his goal, I suppose, because I played with him every single time he managed to slam it shut on my fingers. After I yelled at him, of course.

4. Leaving a two hour gap between my MWF classes was the most brilliant thing I have done since entering college.  Seriously.  At first I thought it was stupid because I had a huge empty slot to fill three days a week, but in reality I have these glorious two hours to sit on my butt and blog, eat, nap, facebook stalk you, do homework.

5. Anyone remember this show? It's kind of creepy now that I look back at it.  My favorite part is where they misspell "medicine".  

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Mariah said...

AHHH!!!! DAVID THE GNOME!!!!!! I loved this show!!!!!