Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What. The. Heck.

So somewhere within the past few months I got really stupid. Now, those of you who have been around me longer know that there is a general spaciness that I have always owned up to... I like to think it's endearing.

This goes into an entirely new realm. I'm going to blame my recent bout of idiocy on the stress of doing 837 things at once, all the time. Just because it'll make me feel better about myself. Just a brief sampling of a few shining moments...

1. "Losing" my camera. I spent hours looking. Tore apart my disaster of a vehicle, looked under every seat. Called Belmont's lost and found, campus security, filed a report with the school, etc. Resigned to purchasing another camera, I return to my apartment... to find it on the couch. Where I left it after I uploaded the last set of pictures a couple days ago. Still attached to the USB cable.

2. I stop to get gas this morning. I remember to return the nozzle to the pump. Doing good. I get in the car and get on the highway, and realize that my computer is no longer on the seat beside me. I fly into panic mode, pull over... to find it under my purse. On the seat. In all it's bright blue glory, right where I'd left it.

3. Yesterday, I'm leaving the office to go to a meeting. Apparently, I left the door unlocked, because I most definitely got chewed out this morning by bossman because a songwriter was sitting in the lobby hanging out when he got here. Luckily said songwriter friend got here shortly after I left... or we might be out a few more beers.

The list goes on and on. M has referred to it as "pregnant brain"... I only wish I had that solid of an excuse. So please forgive me for my stupidity... if my theory holds, they will decrease in frequency come August.

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Mariah said...

Hey! If my theory holds, then mine will decrease in frequency come August, too! Maybe we'll get smarter then.... :)